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Yamaha Service Manual PDF Free Download

History of Yamaha Motorcycle

Yamaha Engine Co., Ltd. was established in 1955. It is a wholly-owned Japanese company that integrates production and sales. It mainly deals with motorcycles, scooters, diesel engines, general-purpose engines, generators, automotive engines, industrial robots, etc. Started the development of electric vehicles, is the world’s first company to sell electric assisted bicycles, has a history of 32 years, and is also the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. Yamaha Engine Co., Ltd. is one of the Fortune 500 companies. There are factories and operations around the world. With the continuous success of Yamaha motorcycle products, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. entered the manufacturing of motor boats and outboard engines in 1960. After that, relying on engines and FRP technology, we continued to expand our business areas and move towards a diversified business development direction. Today’s Yamaha Engine Co., Ltd., in addition to the motorcycle business, also operates a number of businesses including the boat business, power products business, automotive engine business, intelligent factory equipment business, aviation business, and PAS business. The business area extends from land to sea and even sky.